C:\bookshelf\covers\STUDENT AFFAIRS BOOK.jpgThe old academic joke goes this’d be a great place to work if it weren’t for the students. Not that funny really since colleges would not exist if it were not for the students. Students are their lifeblood. They are what the school is all about and why it exists. Yet, student affairs, the area of a college dedicated to students, often receives the least amount of attention of all the areas of campus.

This important collection of essays of how an excellent student affairs program works to make the college experience an exceptional one provides the first ever comprehensive report and model of how student affairs can be done and should be done to enhance the college-going experience and retention.

Northern Florida University is an exemplary student affairs program covering all student matters from the academic and student affairs divide through to every aspect and office of student affairs on a college campus. The 24 chapters elucidate and exemplify what a robust student affairs program is and can do to help students and their colleges have fuller and more satisfying collegiate careers and beyond.

  • Understanding and Bridging the Student Affairs-Academic Affairs Divide
  • Why Student Affairs?
  • Student Health
  • Department of Health Promotion
  • Parent’s Program
  • Child Development Resource Center
  • Career Services
  • Student Conduct
  • Ombudsman
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Fraternities and Sororities
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT)
  • Women’s Center/Victim Advocacy
  • Leadership Institute                                                  
  • Housing
  • Counseling
  • University Police Department
  • International Center
  • Disability Resource Center
  • Development
  • Student Government
  • Campus Recreation
  • English Language Program
  • Military and Veteran Resource Center
  • The Student Union

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The First Days
(as an administrator)
A Collection of Administrative Remembrances, Advice, Caution and Life Changing Experiences

You worked hard to get the job, convinced others and yourself that you are the right person. You believe you are ready to start and even succeed. But what really awaits? A day of hanging pictures and learning where the coffee machine is or one of no desk...

  • CNN coming in the door on an investigation story,
  • drug discoveries,
  • no one even knows you are coming,
  • the person who hired you is gone from the school,
  • police waiting to meet with you and…

many many more misadventures and adventures on the first day on the job as an administrator?

Nineteen administrators tell their stories of their first day in this collection of remembrances, advice, cautions and life changing experiences in The First Days

“This is a book that any administrator or anyone thinking of becoming an administrator ought to read. I loved it.”
University of South Carolina

“This is not only a fun read; it is a primer for any administrator and those who want to see the inside of administration.”
The Ohio State University 

“Wish I had read this before I went into administration”
Briarcliffe College


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The Power of Retention: More Customer Service
in Higher Education

by Dr. Neal Raisman 

The new book by the leading expert on academic customer service, retention and enrollment. Author of Embrace the Oxymoron: Customer Service in Higher Education, the best selling book ever on academic customer service

Embrace the Oxymoron introduced and legitimized academic customer service in higher education. The Power of Retention:More Customer Service for Higher Education takes the discussion to the next level. Raisman's research shows how customer service is absolutely key to successful enrollment or retention efforts. The discussion on topics such as what academic customer service is and how to gain acceptance for it on campus, the hierarchy of student decision-making, how students decide to leave a school and the ROI's students use to enroll, stay or leave are more than enough value to recommend every school obtain the book. Raisman's chapter of How-to's provides some solid, practical and inexpensive solutions to improve retention starting the next day. And all of this is done in his inimitable and very enjoyable style that seminar and workshop attendees have rated as excellent, informative and even fun. Definitely must get if retention and enrollment matter

The author: Dr. Neal A Raisman, PhD has helped over 200 colleges and universities in the US and Europe improve their retention and morale through academic customer service solutions.

His first book Embrace the Oxymoron: Customer Service in Higher Education is the best selling work ever on the topic purchased by over 63% of all colleges and universities. His blog www.academicmaps.blogspot.com is read by thousands.

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The Power of Retention

Customer Service Factors
and the Cost of Attrition

By Dr. Neal Raisman
The leading expert on academic customer service.

How much is attrition costing your school? 

$100,000?  $500,000? $1,000,000? More than a million dollars?  Do you know? Do you know how to find out?

Attrition has one of the greatest negative influences on a college’s revenue and thus its ability to meet its mission. Yet attrition has remained an overlooked concern. Until now.

In the revised and updated version of Customer Service Factors and the Cost of Attrition  college and university administrators can get the information and formulas they need to calculate the actual costs of attrition to the budget and ability to carry out the institutional mission. Then they can learn how they can start to increase retention today.

 The revised and updated Customer Service Factors and the Cost of Attrition also has essays and how to’s that have been proven and learned through over ten years of academic customer service workshops, presentations and customer service audits on college and University campuses. These include articles such as

  • Losing Enrollment in Lot C
  • It is Better to Retain than Obtain
  • The Power of Retention
  • Eight Ways to Increase Retention
  • Technologies of Retention

and others that will help schools increase retention and resources.

The three customer service factors provided in the book help administrators calculate the factual effects of attrition on the entire institution all the way down to the unit level.  Customer Service Factors also explains how to calculate the retention bonus provided through good academic service.
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